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​5 Essential Skills Every Young Entrepreneur Should Develop

Learn how resilience shapes character development and entrepreneurship success! Bouncing back from setbacks is key to success.

How to Spot Entrepreneurship in Your Teen

In this blog post, we will outline 6 traits that, as parents, you can look for and encourage in your teen's journey to building 21st-century career skills, confidence, and entrepreneurial thinking.

The Role of Failure in Youth Entrepreneurship

Failure is inevitable in life, and forms a vital part of the learning experience for all young people, especially entrepreneurs, who eventually face challenges in one form or another. In this blog post, we will explore the critical role of failure in the journey of young entrepreneurs. 

Supporting Your Teen Entrepreneur for Parents

As parents, mentors, and guardians, we have a crucial role in shaping the mindset and skill set of the next generation. In a world where today's jobs may become obsolete tomorrow, equipping our youth with the tools to navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities is paramount. Entrepreneurship emerges as a beacon of resilience, creativity, and adaptability in this ever-changing landscape. 

Target Evolution Stories

Interview with Bobby "Tre9" Herring, Founder of Eyes on Me Inc.

Bobby Herring aka "Tre9" is a rap artist turned community outreach specialist who founded the Houston-based non-profit Eyes on Me Inc., which specializes in creating technical career skills training, mentorship, and youth outreach in low-income communities.  

Kelsie Patterson

Kelsie Patterson is a 18 year old Houston native,  aspiring fashion designer, and recent high school graduate who completed Teen Biz Camp in 2023. Her brand Kerushi.co launched in 2023 at Market by Macy's in the DFW area. In this interview, Kelsie shares her story creativity and the motivation behind her brand.

Kendall Ogle

I’m Kendall, an artist from Houston, Texas, currently a freshman in college studying music. I attended a teen biz camp a few years ago, which gave me valuable insights into business operations, especially in areas like entrepreneurship and marketing. 

Interview with Brayden & Christy Mannering

The mission of Brae’s Brown Bags is to provide healthy snacks to homeless and low-income individuals. Every bag includes a letter from Braeden, contact information for additional services who can provide further assistance, three healthy snacks (each one is below 180 calories), and a bottle of water.

Interview with April & Iris Pelton

April Lynn Pelton is a motivational speaker, author, and the First Youth Poet Laureate of Tarrant County, that's passionate about sharing her love for reading and writing with others. Since she was two, she has had a passion for reading and developed a love for writing in elementary. During the COVID-19 quarantine, April focused more on her childhood dream of becoming a great author. 

Tips for Youth Entrepreneurs

The Art of Pitching for Youth Entrepreneurs

In the world of entrepreneurship, pitching is a vital skill that can shape your child's future. At Target Evolution, we understand the significance of equipping young minds with this crucial skill, and in this blog post, we'll explore how the art of pitching can empower your child to thrive in the world of business. 

Youth Entrepreneurship and Mental Health Awareness

In this blog post, we will examine the crucial connection between youth entrepreneurs and mental health awareness, shedding light on the challenges and strategies to maintain a healthy balance.

Balancing School and Business: Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Navigating the intertwining worlds of school and entrepreneurship demands a careful balance, requiring a fusion of dedication, astute time management, and a strategic mindset. For young children, this is often one of the most formidable challenges in entering the business world.  

​Youth-Owned Businesses: Building a Brand Identity

Building a brand identity as a young mind in the entrepreneurial landscape is like painting a canvas—each stroke contributes to the narrative and impression your brand leaves. 

​Financial Planning for Young Entrepreneurs

Embarking on the thrilling journey of entrepreneurship as a young visionary is akin to setting sail on uncharted waters. The zeal to innovate, create, and disrupt often takes the forefront, overshadowing the critical aspect of financial planning. 

Youth-Owned Businesses: Building a Digital Presence

In this era of connectivity and technological prowess, the establishment of a robust digital presence stands out as a crucial factor for the success and sustainability of youth-led ventures. 

The Importance of a Strong Network: Essential Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs

Networking is an indispensable aspect of entrepreneurship, particularly for young individuals venturing into the competitive landscape of business. 

Youth entrepreneurship and public speaking stand as two vital pillars in the development of young individuals. The convergence of these skills not only fosters personal growth but also contributes significantly to the broader societal landscape. 

​Emerging Technologies for Youth Entrepreneurs

Encouraging kids to explore and utilize these technologies not only fosters their entrepreneurial spirit but also equips them with essential skills and knowledge from an early age. 

​Building Confidence in Young Entrepreneurs

Confidence is a fundamental trait that plays a pivotal role in the success of young entrepreneurs. As they navigate the dynamic and often challenging world of business, confidence becomes a cornerstone for making decisions, taking risks, and facing inevitable setbacks. 

How to Support Youth Entrepreneurs

​Youth Entrepreneurship in Underserved Communities

Empowering Girls in Entrepreneurship

The Role of Diversity in Youth Business Ventures

​The Importance of Teaching Youth about Entrepreneurship

How We Provide Youth Entrepreneurship Support 

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Top 10 Best Youth Entrepreneurship Programs (July 2024)

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