Teen Biz Camp

Welcome to the Teen Biz Camp Summer Experience powered by Target Evolution Inc!

Get ready for a fun and educational opportunity where teenagers can learn about business and earn money!

The Teen Biz Camp is a 3-week summer camp for young people aged 10-18. This in-person summer experience is a great way for teenagers to explore their interests in business and gain valuable skills for the future. We provide youth entrepreneurship support and mentorship for young aspiring business owners!

The camp is held only 3 days a week and includes both online and onsite sessions. Lunch is provided daily, along with guest speakers, professional mentors, weekly field trips, and much more!

The camp concludes with a Graduation and Pitch Day for cash prizes. Additionally, the camp includes Teen Biz Shop and provides a weekend pop-up shop opportunity for young entrepreneurs to put their skills learned in the camp into action while earning money next to top brands at local shopping malls and Macy's stores.

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The Benefits

By the end of the program, teens have their own small business generating money and product inventory including:

Camp Tuition Fee: $300/participant ($100/week)

A limited number of scholarships are available.

Information and Orientation Sessions for Registration

To officially enroll, please attend one orientation.

We have 3 information sessions available, both online and onsite, for parents to get more information. During the orientation, we will explain how the Teen Biz Camp and Pop-Up Shops work, and parents can complete registration to officially enroll their kids and get started!

Register EARLY! Only 25 participants per group will be accepted!

Register for Teen Biz Camp! 

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