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Are you looking for a way to fund your entrepreneurial aspirations? 

Are you looking for ways to make money fast as a teen?

We provide an opportunity for kids & teens to earn a Teen Biz Box FREE, which can help you earn up to $150 or more FAST by selling a product of your choice from our Teen Biz Boxes customized for your brand!

The Coaster Teen Biz Box

The Friendship Bracelet Teen Biz Box

The Kraft Notebook Teen Biz Box

What is the Teen Biz Box?

The Teen Biz Box is our all-in-one small business startup kit which includes product inventory, art supplies, and signage empowering you to start earning money now! The video below shows how Teen Biz Box works! Click this link to learn more about the Teen Biz Box and the books included: Teen Biz Products & Books 

How do you make money fast with Teen Biz Box?

The Teen Biz Box comes with the Teen Biz Workbook, product inventory, and art supplies so you can set up a table outside your home or at a local vendor market and start earning money fast!  All inventory to sell is included inside the box! Don't spend hundreds of dollars and valuable time trying to create a product when you are not quite sure if you want to truly be an entrepreneur. The Teen Biz Box is a simple way to get started and have everything you need to earn up to $150 or more by customizing and designing a product! Learn more about the different Teen Biz Boxes by clicking here: Teen Biz Products & Books 

How do I get a free Teen Biz Box?

To get a Teen Biz Box free, you must create a fundraiser on MightyCause using the information below. Once you've raised $112 for the Teen Biz Box and shipping & handling, we'll send it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE

If you don't raise the whole amount, we'll subtract the amount you raised from the total price of the box and you only pay the difference. There is no set time duration for raising funds! You can raise funds in 10 minutes or 2 months. It's completely up to you! To start earning money fast, we suggest you create a fundraiser NOW and set a deadline for yourself of 3 days!

After you create your fundraiser, you can share the link on social media, or via text and email to friends and family. Ask everyone you know to chip in with $5 or $10 to help you earn the box! You'd be surprised how fast you can earn it!

What is the importance of fundraising? What else can you earn?

Raising funds and learning how to effectively communicate are the key foundations of any successful entrepreneur and professional in business! 

By fundraising, you will learn how to sell, communicate, and build relationships through networking! 

We offer you the opportunity to earn all of our Teen Biz programs, books, and products for free with a simple fundraising campaign on MightyCause! It's EASY & FREE to set up! 

You can earn a free Teen Biz Box, Teen Biz Camp seat, or earn the vendor fee to sell your products in Teen Biz Shops! You can also earn the Teen Biz Workbook and Parent Guide! If you have questions, please email us at info@targetevolution.org 

How to Setup Your Fundraiser to Earn Teen Biz

View this quick tutorial to learn how to setup your MightyCause fundraiser in 3 easy steps, and earn a free Teen Biz Box or other Teen Biz programs! This video shows you how to:

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